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WPC Sheet
Available Sizes: 1220x1830, 1220x2440m,1220x2200mm
Thickness: 3mm to 25mm
Color: Wood color
Category : PVC Sheet

Product Details

WPC Sheet (Wood&PVC composite Sheet) also called PVC wood plastic, PVC wood-plastic sheet is produced by PVC resin and wood power/fiber combination through the Co-extrusion foam molding production line, it is a jewel of wood instead of the traditional green of new materials.

What Is Its Advantages?

  • Production Process Do Not Use Glue Bonding,

  • No Formaldehyde, Benzene, Ammonia, Trichloroethylene, and Other Harmful Substances. 

  • Anti-UV, Coloring Good Performance, 

  • Heat Insulation, Noise, Acid and Alkali Resistance, 

  • Insulation, Fire-Retardant, Anti-Corrosion, Anti-Mildew and Anti-Pest, 

  • Moisture Resistance, Sawing, Punching, Nails, 

  • Good Mechanical Processing Performance with Natural Wood And Wood Grain Nature Of Flu, No Cracking, Warping, Color Fading Natural Defects 

  • 100 Percent Recovery,

WPC Sheet is now applying high end furniture which requires no distortion and no harm gas features, its surface is harder than wood and it do not distort in moisture environment. It is a very good substitution material instead of wood. 

Mechanical Properties



Elongation at   break(MPa)


Shore hardness D


Impact strength of   free beam(kj/m2)


Heating size change   ratio(%)


Variance ratio of   heating size(%)


Softening point(°C)


Bending strength(MPa)


Bending elasticity   ratio(MPa)


Strength of holding   screw(N)


Water absorption   (%)


Surface   density(kg/m3)


Performance comparison with other board

Existing Veneer And Foam Board.


1. Have Defects Of Environmental   Protection

No Harmful Components Of Environment

2. Have Defects Of Waterproof, Acid And   Alkali Resistant

Waterproof, Acid And Alkali Resistant

3. Process Ability Is Inferior To Wood.

Process Ability Is Superior To Wood.

3. Appearance Is Not Better Than Wood.

Artistic And Natural Beauty

Available Sizes: 1220x1830, 1220x2440m,1220x2200mm

Thickness: 3mm to 25mm

Color: Wood color

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