How to cut perfect Acrylic mirror by Laser engraving machine

Some clients may meet cutting defect when they cut acrylic mirror by laser cutting machine,  because they did not adjust setting for acrylic mirror sheet, it is because acrylic mirror has background paint which can not stand same temperature as clear acrylic sheet,here below are tips and experience which can help you to avoid these below cutting defects 


1. Lower laser cutting power and increase cutting speed.

For example, if your client laser cutting machine power is 80w, then ask him to set it as 15-35w.  If his speed was 25, that pattern will need to set it as 180-250 speed.

It almost can solve above problem after your client adjust parameters of laser machine.


2. Equip refrigerant air drier machine with their laser cutting machine, now almost all the high end laser cutting workshop use it, because our province air is also wet and the laser cutting machine will need to draw air by air blower to cool the temperature during high temperature, but if air is wet and it will generate water vapor , if high temperature  water vapor contacts the acrylic mirror background paint which will cause the white spots in your client photo.

Refrigerant air drier machine this machine is to cool the water to 0 degree and filter the water in the air and make air dry, it will be a necessary machine for laser machine for wet air environment  


3. Turn the acrylic mirror paint side upside, put the acrylic mirror with film side under, then it will also solve this problem, but this way cutting will make the cutting edge is a little sharper than standard position.

This article Authored by Mr. Charlie Kang in 2019

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